I am a first year PhD student at the Mathematical Institute of Utrecht University. My research is concerned with establishing links between random graphs and PDEs. This research is being supervised by Ivan Kryven.

Before my PhD, I studied applied mathematics and physics at Delft University of Technology. Ever since starting my studies, I have always been interested in probability theory, later branching out to the analysis of (stochastic) partial differential equations as well. I want to combine both worlds by finding links between stochastic processes and partial differential equations (PDEs). The first time seeing the connection between the heat equation and Brownian motion blew me away, and it still feels somewhat mystical when seeing it today. In my current research, I hope to find another link between stochastic processes and PDEs by studying random graphs.

Other than that, I like to read many different books (both fiction and non-fiction) and magazines in my free time, hang out with friends or go for a run. If the weather allows it (which is becoming increasingly rare in The Netherlands), I like to go iceskating, or do some skiing abroad.